Rishikesh Stories – My Solo Trip of Revelations & Rhapsodies

I poured out these first few lines at the departure terminal of Dehradun as I waited for my flight back ...
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burden of relationships

Carrying the Burden of Relationship Tags

After a long hiatus, I am doing what I love most. Weaving thoughts, stringing words, and threading narratives through the ...
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absolute facts in a relative world

The Irony of Absolute Facts in a Relative World

I have often lived this exact moment when I sit at my desk with an open window and an open ...
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Vipassana Meditation

VIPASSANA 2 – Quiet Outside & Silence Inside

I am writing this piece for no other reason but simply out of a deep keenness to capture and share ...
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relationship status

Does any Relationship Status Satisfy You?

The evolution of conjugal and non-platonic relationships has never been so dynamic and rapid as in the last decade. By ...
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