rich against poor

Do the poor need the rich or the rich need the poor?

If you have ever thought about this phenomenon, you would know it’s a co-dependency that makes the economy go round ...
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Fried okra with mango sauce

Fried Okra with Mango Sauce

Inspiration doesn’t always come to you. Sometimes you’ve got to find it. And I chased it, stubbornly putting my head ...
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you are perfect

“You are perfect” – An affirmation of delusion

“You are perfect in every way” – a powerful statement with a tall and lofty claim. I came across this ...
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Physical affection in Indian families

Physical Expression of Affection in Indian Families

Affection is a simple and delightful emotion, which when conveyed, lets the other know that they matter and are cared ...
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Veg Galouti Kebab

Veg. Galouti Kebab with Saunf ki Roti

Veg. Galouti Kebab with Saunf ki Roti aur Khubani ki Chutney A veg. Galouti Kebab might sound like an oxymoron ...
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