“I think therefore I am”

...five words of the great Rene Descartes that resonate with me wholly and completely.

Well, I would call myself a thinking person with an open mind. Gladly, my thoughts have been in a keen motion of change and evolution with time. These thoughts and feelings, however, almost compel me to be penned down and I love the process.

Though qualified in commerce and finance, I am doing a lot of things other than anything in commerce. Happily married (my husband smirked, “aren’t you putting an oxymoron there ‘happily-married’?” I rebuff the remark) and a mother of two, I travel for the joy of discovery, read for the power of the written word and dance for the ecstasy of my soul.

But most essentially, I write for the validation of myself, trying to make sense of this existence, both inner and outer. I undertook this journey more than a decade ago and a short course in writing gave the needed impetus.  However, I believe that when it comes to looking at life per se, qualifications don’t matter, sensitivity and objectivity do. I attempt to translate that perceptiveness into creative narratives. And a reader’s connect with my writing, is truly my first and most cherished reward as a writer.

When not writing or nagging the kids, I indulge in cooking out of absolute passion. As a kid, I loved playing the kitchen set all the time and the fondness still remains albeit with the real one now. An ardent fan of Masterchef Australia, I revel in setting my own pressure tests and mystery boxes and curating my own recipes. A couple of local titles to credit, a foodie husband as a willing guinea pig  and the loving support from family and friends give just the right measure of confidence to keep on with the gastronomic experiments.

This personally uplifting amalgam of food for thought and thought on food needed a space, that I would call mine, and hence the soul-spice.

A home-maker, a mother, a writer, a home cook and a voluntary teacher for underprivileged kids, this is quite me. I am absolutely grateful and happy to be where I am. And I hope you feel the same happy vibe at soul-spice. If you did, do keep coming for some more thought, food and a little sunshine. Thanks for reading me through!

~ Radhika Mimani