Trek to Tilicho

Trek to Lake Tilicho – A story of many shades

Beyond words, sounds and images, there’s a real window to see the world called travel. People travel for reasons as ...
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Tangy Asian Broth with Noodles

Fresh, organic, fragrant and home-grown lemongrass, coriander, chives and kaffir lime leaves. If these aren’t inspiring enough to ladle something ...
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Power Games of Physical desires

The Power Games of Physical Desires

Power games…pervasive in every domain of our lives, whether subtle or scorching. Ever wondered how a fresh human life learns ...
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Mediterranean Pomegranate Paneer Skewers

Who doesn’t love the classic tandoori Paneer Tikka with that mint yoghurt chutney. But it doesn’t quite fit in on ...
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Personal introspection at life

How different was the epic year 2020, globally and personally?

And a brand-new year is back again, with the promise of a much-anticipated COVID vaccine and the fear of a ...
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