Announcing the Launch of my mini-book series ‘a Soul Search’

With some jitter, and a lot of excitement and gratitude, I am delighted to announce that I am now a Published Author. Presenting my mini-book series ‘a Soul Search’ in the non-fiction essays genre. It is my contemplative journey over the years as I discover myself, delve into the nuances of relationships and make sense of the constantly changing world and society around me. Though the books are part of a series, they are unordered and can be read independently.

The three titles under this series are:

  1. The Sea within the Stream  Ebook The Sea Within the Stream

         Life as I see it   

 Through an objective lens and with a reflective mind, the author takes the reader on her journey of life with its myriad thoughts. Though the narratives recount the author’s stories and her train of thoughts on it, readers will invariably catch reflections of their lives in them.

A thirty-fifth birthday celebration contrasted with the twenty-fifth, the anguish and unpredictability of life in a war-torn world, the responsibilities of choosing parenthood, finding personal significance in the macro-cosmic universe, charting through love, hate and other emotions simultaneously, are some of the themes in this collection. Neither fabled nor didactic, these essays are a natural progression of a self-discovery sojourn as experienced and narrated by the author.


Ebook Streams Meet and Rivers Flow

Streams Meet and Rivers Flow 

    Navigating our relationships

This collection of essays on various aspects of a relationship and marriage – commitment, resolving conflict, giving space and room to be oneself – is meant to be a mirror to the reader’s life, where their own, often unuttered thoughts will find voice. While the author recants her own journey, the reader finds a fellow traveller in the joys, fears, thrills and challenges of navigating through relationships.

The emotions, situations and questions dealt with in these essays are most keenly identifiable, engaging the reader and providing enough food for deliberation and musings. From a reflection as to why we need someone to make us feel special, through a predicament of love for more than one, to making a choice of having some alone fun, the book takes you through a very real relationship ride where you will feel it’s every rise and drop. The book offers a safe, non-judgemental space to ponder about relationships and their goals.


  1. Ebook A Sea of Many Shores
    Non-fiction essays on society

    A Sea of Many Shores 

    Reflections on our society


The essays in this collection follow the author’s avid observations as she gauges the transforming and changing world around her. The author navigates and processes the presence of Alexa in her dining room, the self-belief that a viral rap song provides, the delusion of positive affirmations on social media, the progress of a house help from shikakai bar to Dove conditioner impacting the lady of the house, and many more social issues. In doing so, she grapples with several human sentiments such as humility, compassion, self-centredness, mindfulness and presents the inherent relevance of these in our day to day lives.

With a contemplative yet questioning tone, this collection of musings spans topics and trends that are an inevitable part of constant change in modern society.

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