My Attempt at Conscious Joyfulness…

The wind feels beautiful as it caresses me with its cool arms. Its touch is pleasing. Inspiring. Rejuvenating. The coconut palms look elegant standing slender and gleaming against the retiring sun. The ficus tree stands majestic. Its leaves glowing in the warmth against the gelid breeze.  The silence is calming and clarifying. It’s like the clarifying water I use to cleanse all grime off my face. Only this silence clears my head.  It is serene. It is natural. My thoughts rush nowhere. I am undergoing a mental spa. I am asking the Formless Divine to fill me with infinite peace and love forever.
It’s nice, this feeling of contentment. Of pure joy. At this very moment I wish happiness for all. Suddenly I am free of jealousy, insecurity and fear. Just as I write this, I sadly realize I am not free of fear after all. I fear my serenity is in jeopardy. My little urchin is about to wake and the tranquillity both inside and outside me will be a thing of the past. I will have to learn to retain this state of calmness at all times. The task is of self-consciousness. Who said it is easy but it is worth the effort. The lightness, the freedom surrounding my being at this instance is delightful. How I wish I could be in this state of conscious joy always. I decide now not to be ruffled by petty issues whirling all around me. This is my stance for now and tomorrow.
 I decide to be in this state of conscious joyfulness for an entire day.. And true to my word I will update my status of elation tomorrow.