My 1st Update on Conscious Joyfulness

It was liberating to say the least. Yes, I successfully maintained my state of joyfulness for the entire day. Of course I had to remind myself about it when I woke up in the morning but after that I just sailed through it benignly. 
It is exhilarating. I will not say that I turned into a sage yesterday but even when I was angry at somebody I wasn’t bitter.  Sometimes there are moments when you know your words and thoughts are hurtful, derisive or negative but you succumb to them anyway only to carry the burden of guilt and regret for a long time. This state of conscious joyfulness saves all the trouble. You genuinely feel so good in and around yourself that you do not waste it on unnecessary negativity.
Of course a day of success doesn’t imply that I have championed the art but I have made a beginning. And I hope, faltering and rising, I will continue to make progress.  It would be great if any of you too make an initiative and share your experience with me.

02 comments on “My 1st Update on Conscious Joyfulness

  • sweta saboo , Direct link to comment

    Wonderful. Thought provoking. A very positive and fresh read. Great job.

  • Shikher Gupta , Direct link to comment

    couldnt find any place else to comment, so I'll do it here.

    Really like your blog. Without a genre or class.
    I always wanted to do something like this. All I ended up doing was a two post dead-blog.:D
    Great job

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