SOUL SPICE 5th Pop Up Dinner

#cookedwithpassion #servedwithlove

When you become your competitor… When you push your boundaries… When you are ready to face challenges… At the end there is a certain exhilaration and satisfaction like nothing else… The February edition of the Soul Spice Dinner was about all of it.

An European Inspired Menu
Entree of Mini Ravioli
Pearl Couscous Salad
Leek Soup with Homemade Bread
Mains – Short crust pie
Lavender Souffle in French tuile

To curate this menu, I did follow some base recipes and I am so thankful that it turned out wonderfully well. My credits and thanks to the following:

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  • BHAVESH SHAH , Direct link to comment

    Each dish was thought out and executed with the greatest care …the flavors and textures all worked so well together. The dishes were prepared freshly in their kitchen and were absolutely delicious.

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