Italian Arancinis in Tomato Consomme

Italian Arancinis with Tomato Leaf Consomme

Arancinis aren’t really new for you or me but the Tomato Leaf Consomme certainly is…for me.

I love those of my dishes most, which come out most unexpectedly and unusually. And this is one such. This dish happened because my perfectly healthy and flowering tomato shrub stubbornly decided not to fruit.

Looking in dismay at the falling flowers, i just plucked a leaf and its tangy citrus aroma filled me up instantly. I crushed it some more and the fresh smell clung to my finger tips. It was at that moment, i decided if not the tomatoes, its leaves will have to go into my pan :).

And so came about this delicate, earthy, organic consomme from fresh tomato leaves. The flavour is so distinctly umami and original that its best left subtle and minimal. However, some body and depth of flavour is always appreciated and recommended, lest you end up serving a flat clear broth.

I used the rich carb water from my rice as the base and perked it up with some ginger and chives along with fresh green tomato leaves. But because it’s a vegetarian consomme and I do not use eggs, it isn’t technically rafted as a consomme would be. Yet, letting it settle and using a fine strain gives a considerably clear result.

I paired it with Parsley Arancinis that are super crunchy on the outside and sticky inside. Arancinis might not be new, but a great one still counts. A textural and flavour balance is the key. As you take a mouthful of it with the warm consomme, it plays beautifully on the palate.

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