Soul Spice Five Course Pop-up Dinner

The first Soul-Spice Five Course Dinner, set at rooftop. The thoughtfully curated menu was savoured by guests as they unwound below the stars and against the breeze, with music and mirth.

Bowl of Sunshine
A carrot chowder with a play of celery to tickle the taste buds.

Fresh Melange
A burst of poached pears, caramelized figs, roasted walnuts and assorted raw flavours with balsamic dressing and feta.

Galettes from the oven
Roasted potato slices with layers of corn and basil, generously drizzled with mustard sauce.

Ambrosial Pilaf
delicately seasoned rice in a subtle tomato and spice-infused stew with grilled mint paneer skewer.

French Affair
Apple brownies and classic vanilla ice-cream encased in French tuile with sticky salted caramel.

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One comment on “Soul Spice Five Course Pop-up Dinner

  • Yogesh Hareesh , Direct link to comment

    Amazing food combined with Amazing ambience!!! The Galettes we’re out of the world… Well curated menu with every course complementing the next. Radhika, you definitely take your patrons through a soul searching culinary experience. Definitely must for the people who live to eat. Perfect rooftop ambience for any special occassion. Keep it up.

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