Mediterranean Pomegranate Paneer Skewers

Who doesn’t love the classic tandoori Paneer Tikka with that mint yoghurt chutney. But it doesn’t quite fit in on a Mediterranean platter or my craving Mediterranean palate. So, I came up with one.

A novel rub of reduced pomegranate juice, with green cardamom and smoked paprika turned out quite lovely and original. I let the paneer marinate in it for a good five to six hours, to let it soak up the flavours heartily. Bear in mind, never to add salt in any marination because it releases a lot of moisture, making your rub watery which wouldn’t stay smeared on the protein. Season it with salt at the time of grilling or roasting.

I wouldn’t say, this particular flavour profile is a crowd pleaser, but for the discerning experimental diner, the sweetness from fresh pomegranates and pungency of pomegranate molasses with chosen spices and sesame, grilled beautifully would be a charming treat.

Mediterranean Paneer Skewers

I paired it with warm flat breads by Jamie Oliver and the classic yoghurt tzatziki for a complete pleasure plate. You might also like my another Mediterranean inspired dish Roasted Potatoes and Aubergines with Barnyard Millet.

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