Nature’s Poetry In Lagos

A delight for the senses

A tourist sees a place, an explorer feels it. While exploring our world in small parts, I have savoured some of the stunning beaches in my odysseys to Seychelles, Greece, Italy and Portugal.  Seychelles and Favignana in Italy are exceptionally picturesque and pristine, no doubt. But drinking from the beauty of Lagos in Portugal was quite something else. A journey of ethereal beauty. Not amongst the popular tourist itineraries this paradise is tucked away in the south of Portugal lapping its shores with the shimmering Atlantic Ocean.

Blossoming meadows over the cliffs

It is so incredibly beautiful in its evolution that you are simply in awe of the romanticism of the creator. The beauty is not so much in its emerald and sapphire waters than in the cliffs and rock formations that stand and bask in its own grandeur. Pathways to the cliffs take you to a landscape that smiles with colours of love and romance. Wild flowers are strewn all over in charismatic abundance. “No landscape architect can do better than this” quoted my Architect and    photographer husband. The sheer glamour in its wilderness is breathtaking. Shades of greens, violets, yellows and reds form a patulous kaleidoscope.

View of the grottos and water from top of the cliff

And as you amble through this adonis garden climbing higher, the grottos rise in view heralding adventure and curiosity.  Your imagination will fall short and your senses will rejoice soaking in the majesty of nature. These huge rock structures are symmetry of hollowness and mass.  Of less and more. Of seen and unseen.  While the cliffs are visible and pregnable, mysterious caves hold secrets in its solitude. Boats take you around it but none can venture inside.

Walking down the boardwalk to marvel at the beauty

Through this conspicuous panorama a boardwalk leads down and as you descend its every seasoned plank, you only squeal in joy of amazement while the eyes absorb the glory. Transparent and tranquil waters welcome you. I would call them walled beaches, expanse of water and sand with tunnels that take you to the other side and huge rocks that surround you like a wall .Praia de Dona Ana, Praia do Camilo and Praia do Porto de Mos are the highlights of this lyrical shoreline. No matter how good your lens, no camera can capture what your eyes and spirit experience.

But do not be misguided to think of Lagos as some quaint little town shrouded in nonentity. The city covers much in length and breadth so don’t fool your legs to walk it all through. The marina is at the heart of the city which is also called the City centre.  While the sea hums with nature’s paeans, the centre thrives on cafes, bars and boutiques. A melting pot of touristic occupation.

So now when the sunny boy is out some more, how gorgeous it would be to tan golden in the lap of the ethereal beauty where combines the symphony of elegance and enigma?