The Mid-day Siesta

On the matters of sleep I will not generalize, though I know a lot of you like me suffer from the 11 a.m. sleep syndrome. Even at this moment, I am fighting against it to share the experience. I may get up at 6, 7, 8 0r 9 in the morning but let the clock strike 11 and a sweet sleepy yawn almost overpowers me. The eyelids beg to drop and I so want to shut them close but it would be a grave faux pas to be so indulgent. I feel the only way to take care of this syndrome is to get up no earlier than 11 a.m. (how do you think my family specially in-laws would react to this immensely languid idea).

Why do we suffer from this weird sleep order or disorder? Is this the prerogative of only our late sleeping generation or our grannies and grandpas also experienced this malady? If they did I have no worries since it rules out any lifestyle guilt. However, whatever be the cause, the fact is it exists and my consolation is that I am not the only one suffering from it. Sleep is such a gratifying act irrespective of the time you choose for it or more appropriately the time it chooses for you. Ask the insomniacs and they will testify. They say that those with pure hearts sleep soundly. So I interpret that I am an angel whose abundant purity of heart needs an extra hour of sleep and my chosen time is 11 a.m.

Dalai Lama says, “Sleep is the best meditation” and I completely agree with the profound man on this. The most simplistic explanation for this is, the more we sleep i.e. meditate, the lesser time we have to plant bombs and litter plastic. Also, my family now knows what I do at 11 a.m., meditate. Do you too?

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