Perennial Spark

Togetherness of loving hearts,
Is that marriage all about?
Naah! It means much more
With the daily trivialities around.

The usual rut and rancour there,
Bills to pay and noisy prams to care.
But blood still rushes to her cheeks,
When he brings her the pink peonies.

His shouting at the goals…
Her sobbing with the soaps…
But they look at one another;
And laughter fills those silly jokes.

Either have a honeymoon in marriage,
Or make marriage your honeymoon.
‘Cos when in love; it matters not
If you swim in Seychelles or your suburban pool.

Tuning to his habits is not marriage;
His presence rather becomes your need.
‘Cos when differences become enjoyable,
Soul mates emerge from mere bodies.

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