Whoever made this world, this whole creation from the mountains to the oceans, from the grasslands to the deserts, the entire flora and fauna and everything in between, is a wizard beyond my linguistic and mental faculties can fathom. This wizard also created man and gave him stupendous wizardry to create, discover and invent the most magnificent of things but he didn’t give it all. He still has some mysterious and miraculous alchemy exclusive to himself, probably as a gentle reminder, always to remember who the boss is.
Nature is majestic, wonderful and beautiful is no new statement here but the fact that it incessantly awes and inspires you is incredible. The deeper you look into it, richer are the marvels unravelling in front of your eyes. I witnessed some of the most breathtaking spectacles of Nature on my last trip. It literally took my breath away.
 Cruising in the Abatan River, beneath the velvety skies of Bohol, I wasn’t really expecting one of the most enchanting sights of my life.  Like all, I had also seen some random fireflies glowing in the gardens and hill stations earlier. But witnessing thousands of them on a single mangrove plantation, flickering like an unending series of rice lights just blew me away. It is like watching a thousand stars descended on a tree and twinkling in sheer exquisite beauty. It’s simply magical.
Delving into the functioning of its tiny body only intrigues you more. As the fly takes in oxygen, it reacts with the chemicals in its body and makes it glow like an ember. Mostly, they glow to attract mates. How aesthetically romantic! Those illuminated trees in the dark stillness of the Mangroves were mesmerizing to say the least.
The next in line were the dancing dolphins, as we sailed with the rising sun into the Bohol Sea. It was of course a Dolphin Watching Tour where the sightings are guaranteed during that time of the year. We were anticipating them eagerly, and the moment you see them appear and dive in the open sea exhilarates you to no end. God, they are so charming in their movements. Schools of them just emerge from below the water and sway perfectly in synchronisation with the waves, tossing and spinning for that extra delight.  We watched them jive for a good 45 minutes all around the boat and it just filled me with wonder and admiration for the Creator.
But the world that lay ahead and below me, truly and simply captivated all my senses. I have snorkelled a couple of times before and each time the underwater world is fascinating. But the reefs and the marine life around the Pamilacan Island were breathtaking! I have never seen something so marvellous, exotic and exquisite in my life. It could possibly be one of the best reefs in the world. Snorkelling after a really long time, I was quite apprehensive to take that first plunge into the water but one glimpse of that magical world and you just crave for more.
The vibrancy of the underwater world is surreal.  The immense variety of fishes with their infinite possibilities of colours, patterns, shapes and their inimitable grace just numbed me with glory. The sheen in their scales, the finesse of their fins and agility of their tails is so harmonious. And they have some of the most astonishing body features. Next the coral gardens just took me by the most gorgeous surprise. Precious corals in beautiful hues either swayed nimbly or rested calmly in the pristine waters. Add to this panorama, some dramatic landscape of sudden deep valleys and gorges and raised plateaus below the sea. No matter what I write, I cannot reproduce the beauty of that experience in words. It is definitely to be felt.
I wonder can there be a better designer, architect or engineer than the one who made this world? Categorically no, humans can never even come close to the vast fabric of imagination and perfection spread over this creation. Man has accomplished phenomenal progress in all, from technology to infrastructure, from art to architecture, from education to entertainment, yet its brilliance fades away like mist in comparison to its natural counterparts.  Nature is like a bottomless treasure trove, where you keep digging and it keeps getting amazing. What I saw is just a fraction of the cosmic and ravishing creation waiting to enthrall us.
Observing and experiencing this magical mystery, I felt humbled and grateful to be a part of it and at the same time felt proud to be witnessing it.  It felt like an epiphany where the paradox of my existence came clearly to me. In the lofty scheme of this grand world, I am an irrelevant, nonentity inhabiting one corner of it and yet in all its irrelevance I am a unique being, a unique soul who has its own perception and perspective of the world that can affect and change it. How remarkably astounding it is that every single organism has a role in the running of this enormous Creation. He is one hell of a crackerjack magician sitting up there!