Soul Spice 2nd Pop-Up Dinner

There is no greater satisfaction for a cook than to see their food being savoured by happy diners, and there is no greater thrill for a cook than a successful service challenge. When I felt both, I had tears trickling down at the end of it, to see my dream almost coming true.

A few snippets to tell you about the vibe, feel and menu of this dinner.


Beetroot and Kohlrabi Salad

Potato Roulades

Chocolate cake with orange and hazelnut

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03 comments on “Soul Spice 2nd Pop-Up Dinner

  • Rytik Shetty , Direct link to comment

    Aptly called Soul Spice, the experience was ethereal! Dining under the stars with the gentle breeze, shimmering fairy lights and soothing music set the mood for the entire evening! With the perfect ambience in place, the menu and food only took it to the next level!! Descriptive soulful printed menu that further tantalised our appetites. Very tastefully put together 5 course meal. Right from the different subtle flavours combining together to give the perfect flavours and textures to the garnish and plating, your passion for cooking was very evident. The super talented couple one working her magic in the kitchen and the other in hospitality made SOUL SPICE a soulful scrumptious experience in itself! SOUL SPICE cooked and served with abundant passion and love!

  • Charu , Direct link to comment

    It was a magical evening . Every detail was so well thought out. From the exotic and delicious food , to the beautifully set ambience , it was just perfect . Our hosts Abhishek and Radhika are one of the warmest couples I have been hosted by . They made the evening so beautiful for all of us there . The music was soothing and soulful and in sync with the ambience and the mood of the evening . It was a relaxed evening and the food was exceptional . An experience I will always cherish . Thank you Radhika and Abhishek for bringing paradise to us for that evening .

  • ROOHI RAHIMA , Direct link to comment

    What should I call the evening ? It wouldn’t do justice if it was just about the 5 course meal That was so carefully / tastefully / artistically curated. . . Every dish with a twist with an undertone with something magical and creative plated like a painting , a symphony of ingredients .
    Or was the evening about the vibe , dining under the stars with the beautiful breeze , warm food and warmer people serving and putting it together , the fairy lights , the table the floral arrangements every element spun together creating magic . Radika your passion was so evident with every lil detail during that dinner it was simply magnificent , wish this was a step closer to your dream and I cannot thank you enough for having me over to taste and dine in the spectacle that it was . Definitely an evening I’ll always Cherish .

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