A Rapist Targets The Body But Injuries The Soul

“Rape”- a forced sexual indulgence – as surmised by a dictionary. But for the victim it is a loss of dignity and self respect that is beyond others’ comprehension. This heinous crime that has no barrier, ubiquitous at the higher end of the society as much as the lower class, the urban setting and the rural surroundings, the middle aged and the teen aged. And the worst climax is that it often plunders the sanctity of a relationship as well.
But the moot question is why does any man turn into a rapist? What incites him into this devilish role? It is definitely not the fulfillment of physical needs because the trade of prostitution runs rife in our societies where the give and take is cheap, convenient and willful. Is it then ‘provocative dressing’ as stated by a public servant in a newspaper recently? I fear not. If it was so, how does anybody explain the rampant rapes of 10-12 year old girls who have barely reached even their puberty and surely don’t go about provocative clothing or vulgar dressing?
“Provocative dressing” is the meekest explanation that I have heard and read for a crime that is diabolic in nature. Don’t we read shocking, mind numbing stories of rapist brothers and fathers? If a sister or a daughter, irrespective of her dressing, fuels a man’s sexual fantasy, it is nothing but a filthy retarded mind. The only explanation for a rape is the ugly stilted growth of the criminal’s mind. The animalistic side of him that knows no restrains. The extreme sadism that a rapist enjoys in physically overpowering his victim and forcing himself upon her borders towards pathological condition that needs serious help. It is no less than a psychological illness but sadly this condition sees its consequences in ruining other’s life.
A peek into the mind of this criminal reveals that for him women are not humans but desirable toys that are conveniently “use and throw”.  The centuries old subjugation of women in a repressed society where even the husband could and does rape his wife, it is not difficult to understand the genesis of such sick mentality. Right from the formative years, if a boy is made to respect his mother, sister and other females around him and look upon them as an equal counterpart of the society, the growth of this kind of infected psyche can be arrested.
Unfortunately, half the rape cases are not reported in our country and of those that are, how many rapists do get convicted? The cases only languor in the court alleys dying a slow death as does the dignity of a victim. A hard-line dictatorial punishment is the only measure to check this abominable crime. There is no scope for democracy for a crime that has no justification. As the saying goes, nip the evil in the bud. The judiciary should set examples with its punishment that thwart the intention of every man who sets to commit this crime in the future.  A strong social fabric supported by an unyielding judiciary is the answer to mitigate this despicable crime.

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