After The Sabbath…

Well, it is one of those ominous moments when I am resuming thinking and scribbling again. I have had long sabbatical phases before but eventually a time comes when the wave of inspiration inundates my mind completely and I take to punching in keys again. During my Sabbath from thinking, I was actually nurturing a little angel in my lap. And God, let me tell you it is the most euphoric feeling to cradle a daughter.
I have a son whom I love as much and whose birth was an equally wonderful moment in my life but my little girl has completed my existence like nothing before.  I have never felt more content in my life. There’s nothing more that I wish.
However, candidly speaking the SALE with its 50% OFF hoarding still creates a lot of greed and wants in my otherwise satisfied soul. How ironic! And yes, I do go about fulfilling these mostly unneeded wishes. So while I went indulging my husband’s hard earned money in frivolous shopping, I also stopped by to pick up some vegetables. And the super spiked prices of tomatoes and potatoes, Rs.60 and Rs. 50 per kg respectively, diminished my SALE joy considerably . Now, that kind of sudden inflation does bother you.  I reached home, hurried to the kitchen and gave orders to my cook to use the tomatoes sparingly and wisely especially for their meals.
 Later that evening, while detaching the price tags from my day’s shopping I felt very little of myself. Here I was indulging in a whole lot of superfluous things and there I asked my domestic staff to eat less of tomatoes. How petty indeed. How significant can the cost of two extra tomatoes consumed even throughout the year be in the larger scheme of my things and life?
I felt uncomfortable thinking how we don’t bat an eyelid while squandering away money in lavishness but haggle and quibble for the most trivial and inconsequential matters in life. Thankfully, there’s a next time to make amends.
Well, these are disjointed ramblings running through my mind but the fact that they made their way to the blog is reassuring to me that the Sabbath is finally over.